ICA Youth Wellness Honorarium

ICA is committed to lifting up young Indigenous Peoples who are doing the hard work of climate justice organizing and engaging with frontlines that oppose extractive industries in order to protect our homelands / Mother Earth. At the same time we recognize the toll this often takes on our bodies and spirits as Indigenous peoples, while we continue to face a variety of systemic barriers. This $250 honorarium is intended to help relieve some of the financial stress that can often be a barrier to seeking help in maintaining a healthy balance when doing organizing work. ICA Youth Wellness Honorariums may be used by recipients for costs that may be a barrier to their healing and wellness, whether it is counselling costs, or the costs of obtaining medicines.


-Must be an Indigenous Youth (aged 18-29)

-Must have engaged in frontline activism and/or climate justice organizing

-Must provide a community reference to confirm involvement in frontline activism and/or climate justice organizing

-May only receive 1 award during the course of the pilot project

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