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During the COVID-19 pandemic, performing artists have lost both primary and secondary forms of income, most with no financial safety net. The Barkin/Selissen Project is currently seeking to provide support to dancers who are struggling right now. The Dancers Above Water Relief Fund may provide financial support of $500 to a dance professional in need and/or Goods & Services contributed and available for NYC area-based contemporary dancers and choreographers.


Eligibility Requirements

Professional Status:

  • Professional Modern and/or Contemporary Dancer or Choreographer*
    *Professional is defined as receiving a portion of essential income in exchange for dance or choreography services

  • Must demonstrate proof of professional work in NYC for at least 6 months within the last 1 year period (either actively working, or planned future work was cancelled)

  • Must be willing to provide proof of lost work and immediate need (form of proof may be flexible as long as verifiable)

  • Must be legally allowed to work in the US (no citizenship requirement)

  • Cancelled gigs must have been secured before March 1st, and for completion by September 6th


Financial Status:

  • Currently unemployed or partially employed and ineligible for ample benefits* from any employer or other sufficient support system
    *Ample benefits & sufficient support system defined as: receiving little to no support from any source, previous employer, family, or other relief fund.

  • Receiving some assistance and/or unemployment is ok given the amount is not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle and residence in NYC.

  • Must have little to no liquid assets that would allow current lifestyle to be sustained without new income

  • Must be able to provide Tax ID or Social Security Number

  • Must be able to provide a bank account & routing number or information for digital deposit



  • NYC resident, or commuters from the New York metropolitan area


Applicants will be contacted on a rolling basis. If you are not chosen for the first lottery selection, your application will automatically be rolled into the next selection period.

Once an application is submitted, it will be entered into a randomized lottery system and, if selected in the lottery, will be reviewed.

 Application Deadline for the first round of funding is July 6th at 5PM EST.



More Information


For questions, please contact: dancersabovewater@barkinselissenproject.org




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