Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network I Autistic People of Color Fund


The Fund for Community Reparations for Autistic People of Color's Interdependence, Survival, and Empowerment offers one-time micro grants of between $100 and $500 to support autistic people of color. You can use funds for personal, emergency, professional, academic, medical, artistic, or other needs. The fund is open to applicants inside and outside the United States.

 Eligibility Requirements

  • The person who the funds will be used for must be Autistic
    • If you know you are autistic, but haven't received a professional/medical diagnosis, you still count. (Note that if you have a diagnosis, and you're wondering if it counts, there have been changes in labels: if your diagnosis was "Classic Autism," "Infantile Autism," "Kanner's Autism," "Asperger disorder," "pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified," you definitely count. Some people whose diagnoses are "Rhett Syndrome," "Childhood Disintegrative Disorder," or "Nonverbal Learning Disorder" may also be considered/consider themselves autistic too.)
  • Applicant must identify as a Person of Color

 Review & Turn-Around

Organization plans to meet every three months (March, June, September, and December) to review general applications. Decisions time length varies. Those managing the fund are doing their best to minimize gate keeping as much as possible.


Apply Now

If you are in CRISIS, you can access a shorter version of the application here 

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